Prime Food Service supply delicious hand made pies and pastry products with dedicated service and competitive wholesale prices reflecting top value for money for you and your customers.Our range of pies includes both savoury and sweet.

A glorious taste-bud tantalising spectrum of tastes and textures, a delicate balancing act of seasonings, spices - resulting in pies that we are proud to give our name.

Chicken & Ham
Succulent chicken breast and chunky pieces of ham are cooked together in a cream sauce

Chicken & Mushroom
Chicken breast and mushrooms, cooked in a smooth, white sauce and wrapped in golden pastry.

Steak & Bacon
Packed full of meat with diced pieces of beef and bacon in gravy.

Steak and Onion
The name just about says it all: beef and onions

Steak & Kidney
An old favourite for some. Beef with freshly sliced kidney.

Chunks of lean diced topside steak baked tender in gravy.

Steak & Mushroom
A perfect mix of sliced mushrooms, baked in a tantalising mushroom gravy base.

Chicken Curry
Succulent, lean pieces of chicken in our mild curry sauce

Chicken & Leek
A traditional recipe, our Chicken and Leek pie uses diced chicken with a wonderfully creamy leek sauce. We use only the finest cuts of chicken thigh for the best flavour and to ensure tender, juicy meat is all that goes in this pie

Cornish Pasty
One of our best sellers with vegetables and meat packed into a tasty pastry.

Big Sausage Roll
a British classic Pork sausage filling, seasoned with spices

Dessert Pies
Packed full of fruit. Choose from Apple, Cherry or Blueberry.


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